“I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”

- Vincent Van Gogh

1 H 600/NYC 800

90 M 900/NYC 1200

2 H 1200/NYC 1600

4 H 2400/NYC 3200

12 H OVERNIGHT 3600/NYC 4800

Inquire about weekend, VACATION and other engagements

*Please see note about reasonable 25% deposit below

*Distances travelled longer than 30min please expect to offer funds for car-ride service

*Please expect to offer retail value for outfit requests outside my personal collection as seen in my photos, thank you!

*Advanced Role-Play or Kink for additional consideration

available in downtown SF or Oakland/North Berkeley areas.

LA, NYC and other cities PLEASE INQUIRE


Important: Please read this in its entirety before our first meeting!


Mutual respect and courtesy are essential and go a long way.



As I do not offer illegal activities, discussing them will not be tolerated and I will be forced to end our correspondence.


I take your privacy very seriously and do not share any personal information. In return, I also request mutual respect and discretion.


Please keep in mind consideration for screening and be aware my schedule may keep me away from my email significant portions of the day. I prioritize clients who book a week or more in advance, thank you!


I request a reasonable 25% deposit in order to secure our appointment time. Please note that the appointment is not set until the deposit is secure. Cash App/Venmo/Amazon gift cards are accepted. I’ll send along my handle after you submit your form and screening is complete.

Privacy concerns? No worries! Visit your local grocery, drug or convenience store and you can purchase an Amazon Gift Card in cash. Just send along screenshot of back of card and you are all set! A 5-10 minute errand can go a long way to demonstrate respect for my time…

Please note: selecting “other” as in volunteering to not send along a deposit which I understand may have extenuating circumstances, unfortunately may not be prioritized for a response back from me as those who make the effort to respect my time.


Go ahead and say hello anyways! I’m a Sagittarius through and through, I’m sure my path will lead to yours if we desire it enough ;)

LET’S TRAVEL!! 🌎 🌍 🌏

I have the 100 page passport booklet and I intend on filling it up! I can’t wait for our next adventure! I just ask for my ease and convenience that you submit reasonable travel expenses in addition to deposit that will be no surprise as we will have clear communication prior to meeting.


I understand you are super excited to meet me and I can’t wait to start talking logistics! Before we get started, I sincerely appreciate you making the effort to ensure my safety by providing me important screening information below.

Feel free to proceed with one or more means below to expedite screening process:

A) Have you reviewed many providers on Private Delights? Great! Best practice is to share the link to your page and I’ll take it from there! Easy-peasy. Have no idea what I was talking about? No problem!

B) Please send three references of providers you’ve seen in last six months. Do make it easy for me to reach out to them by providing their email, phone#, best way to reach them, date you last saw them and any significant details that will jog their memory.

C) Kindly send a generic hello from your work email to with corresponding LinkedIn page (credible 500+ connections only). *I will provide you with secure, generic email after you’ve completed form on next page.

D) Send along a photo of you holding your ID, passport, employment ID, any card that has an image of your face with full name. Please take care your real face clearly shows and matches relative to the image of unobstructed card.


I am open to all colors, cultures, ages, body-types, disabilities including mental and physical, skill level and unique desires.

I only ask that you treat me with respect and I will celebrate all that is you.

Please do not hesitate about sharing your specific, distinguishing traits with me during screening for this is ONLY used to verify you with references and support my safety.


Please have your commitment ready when our meeting begins.  Please prepare in an unsealed envelope.  Before excusing yourself to the bathroom before our date, please leave your envelope on a table or counter in plain sight.  If I am visiting you, please have it out on your bathroom counter before I arrive.



There is nothing sexier than your real scent. I prefer you do not wear cologne. I do consider special requests if you have a preferred scent for me to wear or be sans any products at all… 

Important: Please avail yourself of the mouthwash provided for you, and wash your hands if you opt not to shower at the beginning of our date. A pet-peeve of mine is coffee-breath. 🙈🙊


Happy to accommodate outfit requests from any of my photos that are from my personal collection. If I am traveling, please let me know as much in advance so I can pack your request in time.

If you are seeking something special outside my collection, please know I am happy to procure and the gentleman thing to do is to offer the retail value that we will discuss in our communication beforehand with your deposit. Thank you!


I welcome specific requests for role-play or other forms of kink. I understand you are very excited and so am I! And consider my expertise and additional energy this requires and kindly offer additional support especially if this involves time for research or securing specific props/supplies/clothing. Many thanks!



I don't drink alcohol and of course, you are welcome within moderation. My preferred beverages are La Croix or Pellegrino. Nutritional bone broth if you are so inclined!



If you had a great time, please feel free to review me on Private Delights.  If there was something you did not enjoy or want different for next time, I request private feedback so that I may adjust myself to better next time to serve you.



The more you communicate what your desires and expectations are for the session, the more fun we can have! On that note, those who seek Grecian services right out of the gate the absolute, first-time we ever meet may be disappointed. Anything that falls into my advanced kink exchanges require additional energy, communication and trust. This is not to discourage, I am open to polite dialogue. Request away!



Although I do not expect gifts, I love when presented with something hand-selected for me! Here are a few ideas to spark your imagination: 

Amazon Wish List: Do select from my highly curated desires!

Dark Chocolate: SF’s Dandelion Chocolate is my favorite small-batch, single-origin dark chocolate that you can procure at any high-end, boutique grocery (not Whole Foods). FINE & RAW from NYC also is amazing. At the moment, I have chocolate coming out of my ears so unless it’s my top favorite, consider selecting something else below xx

Edibles: I love blueberries/raspberries! Especially ones you picked up at the local farmer’s market! I eat meat and love a good Charcuterie selection… as well as high-quality olive oils, other fats and caffeine-free loose teas and coffees.

Flowers: I prefer unique arrangements from local, sustainable resources such as SF’s Farmgirl Flowers or NYC’s Park Delicatessen. My favorite color is purple.

Massages: Favorite spot in San Francisco that I honestly don’t treat myself enough to is Atlas Massage (they have the best packages in town!) You can get creative to treat me to a spa in whatever town you’re in as my favorite place to hang are Russian/Turkish hot baths and saunas. My dream is to travel the world exploring landmark and off-the-beaten-path bathing locals. Think Iceland volcanoes and ancient Italian towns; nudes in blissful, holistic commune ;)

Sponsorship: I frequently take classes, workshops, and retreats to empower my mindset, presence and awareness.  Instead of a tangible gift, consider sponsoring my erotic and spiritual growth.


By honoring the Rules of Play, you will ensure a safe space We can live out our wildest desires and experience magic.